Selachimorpha in a Suit

she feels him long before she sees him
lurking in the shadows, circling her
as she treads water in the dark ocean

surrounded by the pretty little fish
exchanging sweet angel kisses
feeding on plates of passing plankton

drawn by the scent of her fear
he looms into view, his powerful body
filling the space between her and escape

his quick black eyes miss nothing
his confident grin, shows the blood of his last victim
staining rows of needle sharp teeth,

she tries to dart past him, they dance
for a while, mirroring each other’s movements
he, merely toying with the delicate little fish

and then he strikes, quickly, dragging her down
flailing in his powerful jaws, to the ocean floor
where she lies, crushed and helpless

under his thrashing grey body
and she, powerless to resist, submits
to this shark, this man, this most powerful of predators


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