I love the way your words dance in my mouth;
their tantalising tango on my tongue
leaves me undone.
You twist me twirl me
your linguistics whirl me
your perfect iambic rhythm
beats inside me
until my skin s t r e t c h e s
and echoes like a drum.





~ Posted for the wonderful One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry




Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

13 responses to “Spin

  1. the iambic rhythm….well…cough…love it 🙂

  2. That’s really strange Claudia, I’m still getting around to changing all the formatting on here since I imported from Blogspot, did this one earlier as I was thinking of entering it for One Shot Wednesday. Are you psychic by any chance? You’ve made my mind up now 😀

  3. Love the poem, especially the first two lines!

  4. Already read a poem about Geography now you’re making lingusiticts sexy? Great little poem, and you played with the layout well on this.

  5. “tantalising tango on my tongue” great alliterative line, and even better to then rhyme with “undone” Excellent and playful with the type as well. Your lines work very well to build a complete poem—dynamic meaning & imagery.

  6. Ah, behold the steamy power of language! – and the writers behind them, of course. Linguistics! Let it surge out of you and do a little dance upon a lover’s skin…delightful.

  7. There isn’t a poem of yours I have read that I haven’t liked and this one is of the same. What a fun poem. Great language usage, images, and creative subject. 🙂 love it!

  8. This is my kind of poem. Fun. I wanted to read it aloud. 🙂

  9. how sensual…to hear a poem that touches you so…nice write…

  10. Sensuous and fun. Love the s t r e t c h e s!

  11. Brendan

    Who said eros and logos can’t find accommodation on the same bedded tongue? The verbal dance goes on across Ariadne’s ancient dancing floor. Loved the tight taut spin of meter and rhyme. Great when a poem is what it does. – Brendan

  12. “leaves me undone
    you twist me twirl me”

    My stomach dropped t these lines…know this feeling and it is a delicious, disorienting one…Spin is a fabulous title

    My favorite:

    beats inside me
    until my skin s t r e t c h e s
    and echoes like a drum.

    your ability to write about sex is superb…full of sensuality…the way it should be…

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