Cutting up Cabbages in the Kitchen

Knife in hand, I happen to glance

through the kitchen window
that overlooks my little patch of green.

As I scan the lawn, scarred by
weekend ball games and weeds,
the mud patch underneath
the now disused swing set
and the dahlias dancing in the breeze
I ponder on where I could hide the body.

Of course, the vegetable patch, perfect!
He always hated cabbages.

Lost in my thoughts, I fail to notice the cut;
those first few seconds when nothing is felt
but cold steel slicing fresh flesh.
As red
down my hand
and my knees buckle, I feel an arm under me;
another holding my wet hand above my head.

Later, bandaged and woozy, trying not to bleed
over the designer sofa, a thought occurs…

Who knew he’d be so good in a crisis?

Perhaps I’ll wait a while…..


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