I have a wide range of colours

in my little red pencil case;
a deep smooth violet;
the colour of the velvet couch
where we made love on
lazy Sunday afternoons;
a lovely lemony yellow
an echo of the
watery morning sunlight
that streamed through the blinds
and danced along contours
of our mussed up bed;
and a deliciously moist scarlet
so reminiscent of my lipstick stain
on your coffee cup, a quick sip
stolen before leaving for work.
But the precious pastel blue
is long gone; worn away
by the years until only
a faint smudge of the smile
that played around your eyes
is left and even now
I cannot bring myself
to replace it.


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One response to “Substitute

  1. This is a great poem. Your use of colors, the imgagery, the flow. I enjoyed this poem very much and had to read it a few times. Thank you for sharing.

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