How easy it would be

to create a life
neat and orderly
when we are young
and relatively free
of possessions;


To ball our socks
and sort by colour;
hang shirts neatly
in a cupboard;
to have a tidy
knicker box
instead of
getting them in a knot.


Yet footloose free
of adult chains
chaos reigns
upon the floor;
and a mere leap
across the flotsam
will always get you
through the door.


And then typically,
when we’re older;
long in life and all it brings;
a multitude of sins
and things
we cannot live without
how we long for
tidy spaces;
perfect places
to stow our stuff;
and free from fluff
with all the closets
clean throughout
so that when
we open up the doors
the whole lot
won’t fall out.

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