Dust Magnets

Took a walk across the rooftops
Kissing the pink of a sinking sky
Conversed with a flock of seagulls
Fleetwood’s bird taught me how to fly

Robert with his jet rimmed eyelids
Told me quietly boys don’t cry
Siouxie and her band of banshees
All held me spellbound for a while

Danced with Edwin on the ceiling
Adam’s ants scurried down below
Donned my shiny boots of leather
While Lou and Nico blew the show

Heard dark side of the lunar mother
Axl seduced me with his lies
Then I lost my heart to David
The thin white duke with matchless eyes

Spat the anthem through pierced lips
Drew parallel peroxide lines
Cried my soppy tears for fears
While styli went into decline

Stood there with a pile of records
Holding back the digital tide
Hutch and I hung out together
And mourned the day that vinyl died

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