Tiny dust motes dance the air
as we lean on shafts of sunlight.
Beneath lyrical whisperings

stir deep subliminal sex hymns,
fluidity of limbs lifting us
repeatedly to the surface.

Here, intertwining for a while,
before fear of falling pulls us
back into our haven of verse.

Do we dare commune my love,
knowing we may be forced to
relearn solitude once again?



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4 responses to “Communion

  1. Yes, we should. Commune, commune the backlit clouds seem to whisper. Ahh. Very nice indeed, though I'm no expert.

  2. This is so bittersweet, desire and opportunity only restrained by the knowing of the heartache of solitude. Rich and vivid. The emotion is tangible.


  3. Gosh I can remember writing this one Beth. I had an image in my head of being in a room in a beautiful old building, standing, holding hands with someone in a shaft of sunlight flooding through stained glass windows and feeling happy but terrified of taking the next step. Strange the things that inspire us.

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