delicate blisters
mismatched sisters
sullen bitches
dirty ditches
wind chimes chisel
spite like drizzle

niggardly fuses
purple bruises
sharp claw catches
red raw scratches

separate banners
distant manners
fifty paces
private spaces
arms-length siblings
minor quibblings

motherhood mellows
nervous hellos
wary half-smiles
belly laugh lines

delicate blisters
mismatched sisters
forgive trespass
healing times pass
fondness floods eyes
timeless blood ties



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3 responses to “Triquetra

  1. Shawna

    Wow, you really captured common relationships among estranged siblings! This is an excellent example of crafting a piece packed with story. Only a few lines to capture a lifetime chasm.

    These are my favorites:
    “delicate blisters”
    “spite like drizzle”
    “sharp claw catches
    red raw scratches”
    “motherhood mellows”

    So true on the last … but in some ways, motherhood, in all its stresses, raises the raw even more.

  2. Thanks Shawna. You’re right, I found raw emotions were much closer to the surface after I became a mother.

  3. Usually a tight rhyme scheme bores me,
    but in this case, you have dazzled us
    with a primal rant, a matriarchal scream,
    and I love it; very effective piece.

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