Escape Route

I know I drive too fast down country roads,

gobbling up the miles laying in between,

hurtling towards our hot hypnotic scene,

obliterating rabbits, squashing toads.

This drive to still my lust lets me careen

between the hedges and wide lorry loads;

brain scans green traffic signals like barcodes,

impatient for the moment we convene.

This rain lashed engine battery corrodes

and drowns in domesticity routine,

foot to the board, feel pistons trampoline;

sparks fly and fragile diaphragm explodes.

Envelop me in love aquamarine

that far exceeds our day’s harmonic mean.



Filed under Poetry, Sonnet

2 responses to “Escape Route

  1. I can feel the urgency and adrenaline through this, this is really an amazing piece. Keep it up.

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