sitting at the little wooden table

eating rocket and mozzarella
and cherry vine tomatoes

we spoke of Keats
and Wilde
and others
who had shaped us

my bare legs
tangled around your waist

as we ate
and touched
and talked

l left
as the rain arrived
and wondered
if it would be
for the last time

I think of you
when I taste tomatoes





~ Posted for the Wonderful One Shot Poetry Wednesday.  Lots of delish poetry to read here One Shot Poets



Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

15 responses to “tomatoes

  1. I like this a lot… the speakers awareness of how taste can so powerfully trigger memory or longing. Nice.

  2. moondustwriter

    would email me moondustwriter@gmail about something poetic in nature 🙂

  3. Memories hold special significance don’t they? I always remember the smell of lavender on my nain, lovely Carys x

  4. you know…i think i would write more poetry, just to have tomatoes…smiles. nice one shot.

  5. simple and poignant. more than lovely.

  6. Memories mingling with tastes and words and affinity that bonds them all into meaning. Lovely poem.

  7. Jenifer

    Lovely. I enjoyed this.

  8. Delicious! Oh what a picture you paint 🙂

  9. It’s definitely your confidence that appeals the most to me in your writing.

  10. as we ate and touched and talked – so much tender intimacy in this one julie – i love it, really love it!

  11. Directly, as well as indirectly, your poem evokes all the senses. Mixes wonder, desire, and memory. Great write.

  12. I love this poem Julia. 🙂 Sensual tastes wrapped with memory. Senses, emotions, and poets. What a perfect combo.

  13. Perfect work. Wish I’d written it (meant in a friendly, non-jealous way: I have my own excellence to achieve, thank you very much! 😉 )

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