it’s simple
when all we share

is a space


room to  b r e a t h e

room to be
you me we

a stolen piece of free

no mess no clutter
no sandinspeedshutter

this flawless visibility

perfect opacity

snapshot simplicity

that only we see



Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

6 responses to “aperture

  1. Photographer-Chris activated. Made the photo-junkie in me sing, my friend. While sandinspeedshutter made me twitch…every photographer’s worst dream there… You utilize the photography image/topic well in addressing the humans behind the cameras, as well.

  2. The aperture is set to a pinpoint and the focus in the field is clear and deep, yet questions linger and only the two of you have answers. Very much a captured moment. Well done.

  3. “you me we”
    Creative wordplay that rhymes well with breathe, be, and free. And to it well expressed simplicity. Great to share such clear moments with someone. Flawlessly visible with perfect opacity, nice! Like fine-tuning the settings on the SLR for better exposure.

  4. if only we took the time to inhabit that space together more…

  5. Wonderful imagery and in it a special spirituality.

  6. I liked it yet the contradictions confused me here:
    “this flawless visibility

    perfect opacity”

    Otherwise, loved the beginning

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