Silk (Tetractys)


me wrap
my ribbons
around your waist;
allow myself to slowly come undone.



Silk (Snowflake Tetractys)


me wrap
my ribbons
around your waist;
allow myself to slowly come undone.
Let us tangle tongues to savour taste and
tie ourselves to
these flavours
we have






~  Tetractys should express a complete thought, profound or comic, witty or wise using 20 syllables. They can be written with more than one verse but each subsequent verse must invert the syllable count. There is no limit to the number of verses. The structure is:
line 1 – 1 syllable
line 2 – 2 syllables
line 3 – 3 syllables
line 4 – 4 syllables
line 5 – 10 syllables


Two verses is a Snowflake Tetractys.


Thanks to Marion@BleedingMoon and Luke@WordSalad for introducing me to this form.


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13 responses to “Silk

  1. Joelene

    Absolutely stunning! Adore the picture I must add 🙂

  2. Jingle

    very elegant piece.

    You are under fresh poets to explore,
    I invite you to become a participant at Thursday Poets Rally Week 36…link in your entry when you are ready.
    That’s a better way to make poetic friends, and have your talent directly exposed to fellow poets.
    Poetry awards are to be given upon completion.

    Hope to see you in, Happy Thursday, best wishes for the year of 2011.


    • Hi Jingle

      Thank you for the comment and the kind offer. I’m afraid I don’t have time to participate in the rally this week as I have a very busy few days coming up but should be grateful if you would consider me for future events.


  3. I keep forgetting to check back here more often than once a week. You are far too prolific for that. This is a lovely, sensual piece, a complete pleasure to read and also to observe the way you’ve spun the form. A very Happy New Year.

  4. This is absolutely wonderful. The style is new to me but the words are what totally touched me. You sure do have a way with words, sensuous!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Scent of my heart

    Hey, I didn’t know you have a blog. I’ve read that on FB when you posted it and I loved it! The image is so well combined. And you’re are a great writer, someone to learn from! Blaga

  6. Scent of my heart

    Hello, Happy New Year!

    Today I want to introduce you to a flexible poetry forum, it is Jingle Poetry Monday Potluck, you link in a poem related to our theme (Week 17 Theme is The Road Ahead), or 1 to 3 poems that are old or unrelated to our theme, enjoy some traffic and encouragement…if you wish to fit in our community better, you feel free to visit and comment as many entries as you wish from our collection, how cool it is?!

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    Sign in with your yahoo or Google email to follow our blog so that you know our updates if you wish. We value your attention, hope to see you in. Thank you!

  7. our potluck week 17 is open now, welcome linking in 1 to 3 old poems as the first time participant…

    Enjoy a lovely Monday!

    free style commenting, hope to see you share.

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