deep indigo timbre
trembles in my ear


leaves a subtle mark
here, and here


somehow you know
what it is I need to hear


part your lips and scatter
sacred letters in my hair


Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

11 responses to “ink

  1. ha julie is this you? how nice!
    great to read your poem again on your blog –
    i love it – it is so deeply sensual in such a fine
    way – yep – i like

  2. Interesting…”indigo timbre”…bringing color into sound in capturing the sensuality and the passion…potent, effective. Sometimes a word, a whisper, is enough to light the flames.

  3. WOW Carys
    I love this so subtle, sensual and sweet…. hummmm words to embellish even the coldest reader
    Great one shot!
    thanks for the visit

  4. I like, sweet, soft, simple, tender all I read on here lol :)

  5. Delicate, magical and truly poetic. ‘Deep indigo timbre’ foisters imagination.Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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