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As loneliness slips in beside,
and fills the space where warmth once lay,
in creeps hiraeth in shades of grey;

cuts deep the sheets with sharpened scythe.
Future borrowed from tomorrow
to gladly pay the levied tithe

and have the past rewind/replay
as loneliness slips in beside.




~ Hiraeth is a Welsh word. Like many strong passionate words in the language there is no single English word that adequately translates the meaning of the word but it means a deep sense of longing, a yearning for that which has past, a sense of homesickness tinged with grief or sorrow over the lost or departed.


The piece is written in Octain form, an explanation of which can be found at this link.




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Carnal Alter

As hormones rage our senses re-adjust,
and heighten double-baggers’ fuck appeal;
this fumbling mess that masquerades as lust


can leave us all with flashbacks of disgust.
Cheap beer-shaped goggles cloud, our judgment keels,
as hormones rage our senses re-adjust;


above waist action – useless, it’s the thrust
that gets us nought to sixty but reveals
this fumbling mess that masquerades as lust.


Come morning light, on brunettes we’re not fussed
and yet by night, our preferences concealed;
as hormones rage our senses re-adjust,


coherent thought spontaneously combusts.
As sharp grey matter puddles and congeals
this fumbling mess that masquerades as lust


just leaves our standards flailing in the dust.
Before the carnal altar we all kneel,
as hormones rage our senses re-adjust
this fumbling mess that masquerades as lust.


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Looked in all the usual places; briefcase, wallet,
trouser pockets.  Dreading, hoping to unlock it;

wanting just to understand why our portraits scowled
at one another, face to face in the little locket.

Eventually found it in the tiny scorched corners
of the upturned curve of the blazing sun

that rose every time she walked in the room
and slowly but surely my world came undone.



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A Lesson in Anatomy

Study the
back;  the smooth brown
skin, tiny cluster of moles just below the
left shoulder blade. Study the back; blonde
hair falling into tendrils, sneaking,
snaking, escaping, cascading
over  bare  shoulders.
Study the back; see
the way it curves
into a tiny waist
and out again to form
soft round hips.  Study the
back;  relish it, until every tiny
detail is burned into your brain
Study the back; treasure it,
cherish it, or watch it
walk away.



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