The Cellist

















He watches her from the wings, house lights down;

hush, not a sound. It starts; quietly, slowly, gently,
her eyes closed, her breath even.

She sways, slightly; the soft rhythm meandering
through her slender frame. Slim, nimble fingers
slideglideguide his gaze to the heart of the vibrato.

Pulling his eyes back to her own, she holds him.
Holds him. Holds him. Finding perfect resonance,
her head thrown back – building building building;

the crescendo climbing, existing, resisting.
Trembling tremolo trill, momentary dalliance with adagio.


soft still silence


accelerando accelerando accelerando





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11 responses to “The Cellist

  1. Brendan

    That cello between her legs sure can nail passions which the cello only suggests. Loved the dynamics of rising and falling volume and intensity, the crescendo in which impossible opposites merge. Just like lovers do when they’re properly in tune and are committed to playing from the same sheet music. Loved it!

  2. oh this is a gorgeous piece…i love watching someone lost in the music they are playing and i got lost (in a good way) in your words…

  3. I know I’ve thought it before, if not given it voice – but Carys, if there’s one thing you’ve certainly tapped into, it’s your sensuality. This one is spicy. I would do that in all caps if I didn’t think that would just look a little tacky, but the point stands. Potent, stirring sensual piece. The mix of music and such passion is always a sensible – and striking – delight, and in your breaks, your breaths, you capture the breathless wonder you describe, rising to the ecstatic conclusion of absolute…

    Serenity. Accelerando indeed. Bravissimo.

  4. Gay

    The sexy cello/cellist. I love its sound. My son played cello and I think its sounds the most sensual and luxurious of all the stringed instruments although I can find redemption in a violin and the monster there holds my soul – no way around that. Born to play piano.

  5. Your use of musical terminology accentuates the sensuality of the poem. Use of repetition and present tense adds to the fleeting moment and expression of love for music and the moment itself.

  6. Sensual, but sweet and deep— like a well-played cello, in fact. Erotica is my not my favorite poetry, but I always enjoy your smooth looks at all the senses in full play and disarray.

  7. Brava, Carys. I wouldn’t call this an overtly erotic poem, it’s more of what I write, the “film noire” suggestive stuff rather than out and out in your face sex. I love the metaphor and the Italian just accentuated the sensual nature of the poetry.

    Absolutely fabulous! Da Capo indeed 😀

  8. Beautiful Cary! I felt like I could hear the music. 🙂

  9. Such sexy music, Carys – makes me want to dance!

  10. ah – you captured the sensuality of the cello play so well..i find the cello one of the smoothest instruments, very close to the human voice..and nothing better than a musician lost in her/his play…this poem is like love making..

  11. Carys, I have to say: this remains one of my favorite pieces of yours to this day. It will always be great. 😀

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