Days since we spoke, since we smoked molten words,

watched their smouldering tips as we sat in the dark
at opposite ends of a warm thought.

Breath blowing through shadows, chain smoking
through a packet of paper-rolled emotions,
savouring distilled tincture with tongues.

Tonight, we will sit in the dark again and commune;
we will cup our hands and light up,
watchful not to let the words burn down too quickly,
leaving our eyes bleary and our lips blistered.





Filed under Free Verse

24 responses to “Opiate

  1. Brendan

    Love is the drug, this poem its pipe. Here’s to the surfiet, all bleary and blistered … B.

  2. Brendan

    I’m surprised your stuff gets so little comment. It’s among the best I see out there. Guess its divine grace that a great poem is finished before the applause, or the lack of it.

  3. That’s a huge compliment Brendan, thank you so much. I really should network more I know, bit of a lazy ass poet I’m afraid. I have a full time teaching job as well which is why I’m often found scribbling into the wee small hours of the morning.

    • Brendan

      Poets are not natural marketers. We have to live a good amount of time under our rocks in order to get anything done. It feels strange, doesn’t it, to have one’s work out here so nakedly, and still to mostly indifferent traffic? The only way to get eyeballs in this medium, it seems to me, is to give them — commenting often at other poets’ sites. Even then, the indifference is general.

      Note: One of the most successful poets in our area figured out how to be good as submitting her work — as talented and accomplished work as many but much more consistent in getting it into the right hands. Lots of poetry prizes, a book. Only Poetry could give a shit. Her husband left her (and their daughter), she lost her longtime job at the local daily newspaper, she developed breast cancer. She still manages to be successful (giving readings when she can rouse herself from the effects of the chemo) but the cost has been horrendous. If the world is indifferent to poetry, Poetry is even more indifferent to h/her Poets.

      Thanks for being a supportive voice. And keep up the great work.

      • I know what you mean about living under a rock Brendan, those that live with me often remark that even when I’m here I’m somewhere else. Two years ago the only eyes on my work belonged to the spiders that inhabited the drawer in my desk so I’m just happy someone is reading it.

        Your poet friend sounds like a very brave and talented woman. Could you point me in the direction of her work?

      • Brendan

        Terry Godbey’s work can be sampled at http://tinyurl.com/4673xnd

  4. Damn. This is outstanding.

  5. Some blistering imagery there, Julie. They’ve long said love is a drug, but you gave voice to that in a most vivid sense – new or old, your stuff’s outstanding Julie. Always sizzles with your patent fire, even as its takes us to new and entertaining directions.

    Now, would someone give me a light?

  6. smiles. great imagery, cup those hands…and i enjoyed the banter with brendan as well…its true you have to give to get in this market…but you do have the talent….

  7. Sizzling breathless and “hawt” lady…

  8. This is so full of emotion and imagery. Very lovely. I almost feel as if I have inhaled a bit of something myself after reading 🙂

  9. yes – really love this one julie – you create such an atmosphere and…watchful not to let the words burn down too quickly… captures this longing to hold the moment so overwhelminlgy strong…great write – as always..

  10. Like the flow of this one, but you misspelled “smoldering.”

  11. I enjoyed this a lot. Perfect imagery, phrasing, metaphor. Just subscribed to your blog!

  12. “at opposite ends of a warm thought”

    i KNEW i recognized your smile! It was at the Fillmore in San Francisco, you were the blonde…long, beautiful hair and captivating…was it poof or puff or both or neither? Wonderfully expressed, I enjoy your work…

  13. Thanks tolbert. I’ve never been to San Fran though I’m afraid, must have been some other blonde.

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