The ‘futures’ boys
don’t interest me
with their tax-free handshakes,
their couldbewouldbemaybes,
their trading floor predictions
and their ipad-clad Hades.


Silence the history books,
what’s past is past,
gilded, steadfast,
locked in, locked down,
shackled to the mast;
what use a regurgitated
last repast?


I want here, I want now,
enraptured, captured,
hot heavy molten,
soldered in this moment,
liquid-lost with you
holding me golden.






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14 responses to “Halcyon

  1. Loved “tax-free handshakes” and “holding me golden.” Nice!

  2. Katherine Bowen

    Loved the poem particularly the first verse. x

  3. Their i-pad clad Hades…ha, now there’s an interesting visual. Good twist of the ancient and the modern for just the right feel. And such true sentiments…who wants someone perpetually lost to the horizon? Someone swallowed in the past? The now, dwell within the now, and all is well…Lovely, heartfelt outpouring for us today, my friend.

  4. Tight and clear, succinct yet full of lush language–I liked this carpe diem poem a lot, Julie. The ending lines of each stanza are all masterly, but I think I like the scathing quality of the second best.

  5. I love the last stanza, “…liquid-lost with you holding me golden…” Your poetry is always beautifully done, and this one is no exception.

  6. signed .............bkm

    I love that last stanza “liquid lost with you” it is golden – enraptured, captured …very nice…bkm

  7. Brendan

    History, as Yiminy Yoyce once sd, is the nightmare we can’t wake from. And the future is just the past perfected. So there is only this halcyon revolt of pouring gold between two lovers. Art as the insurgency the minions of “ipad Hades” will never quell. Else we all die. Raised fist for ya, sistah. Crafted like a fist which opens to a kiss.

  8. History books are closed, what’s past is past, indeed. But I thought the point of history was to learn from it, all we seem to be doing is going round and round in circles making the same old man made mistakes on a grander sclae. Loved the ipad-clad Hades, and the oh so suble internal rhymes and alliteration here, I agree with you, give me here now and enraptured. Cling on hold fast stay true x

  9. mmm…i want the now as well..honestly it is all we have…and spending it held in the arms of a lover, how else?

  10. The magical words you used to tie the past and present are fantastic. I too liked the nice mixture and agree with the sentiment that what is in the past should stay there. I too had to look up the definition of the title. The title is a perfect fit! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Well done..live in the moment. Some really clever use of language here. Vb

  12. That is excellent.
    A very interesting viewpoint

  13. bloody excellent…the rhyme was great..excellent flow and the statement was superb…yep a damn fine poem my friend

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