So many fallen before us;
battle fatigued and ill-equipped
to face the enemy,

yet still we rise to fight,
after a sleepless night weighed down
by the mud and the shit and the stench of death

to eke out what is left of our meagre rations,
for tomorrow we march on empty stomachs.



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2 responses to “Embattled

  1. What a “universal” message within this write! It can be adapted to most situations, famine, hunger, politics, relationships, awesome.
    I have been thinking about that, if poetry should be more generalized when writing it or personalized! I have been reading so many “greats” and I am still confused, all this to say: “I enjoyed reading you”

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Brendan

    All’s unfair in love and war, an poetry’s poor comfort in each when the going is hard. But we gotta do what we gotta do. Do you Welsh also keep a stiff upper lip? Don’t be afraid of hurling a stinkbomb of blasted-heath curse if the going gets worse.

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