Life Underwater

In the silent space where old meets new,
the birthlight of the infant dawn
crawling in through the gap
between shade and sill,

I lay,
chasing the small boat
that has come adrift from its moorings.

Sliding back down between slumber’s sheets
it slips further from my grasp,
bobbing above my head
on the surface of awake.

Hours later I rise
to find that it has already sailed
on the morning tide.



Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

8 responses to “Life Underwater

  1. Brendan

    I love life underwater (I am in inner selkie), and I love this poem. Such a rocking, gentle motion to it, the speaker carried on sleep’s tide. Now hmmmm, that boat, did you wake up on the floor with your bed sailed far away?

    • I love the word selkie Brendan.

      I’m a very vivid dreamer but sometimes find it difficult to hold onto them if I don’t fully wake straight after the dream. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen out of bed trying to hang on to the dockline though. Hope you’re well my friend.

  2. apt write…

    Happy Mother’s Day Weekend.

  3. Glad to discover your poetry talent,
    Hope to see you join our poetry potluck today,
    1 to 3 random poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome in case you fall short in doing a theme fitting piece.
    Bless you.
    Keep up the excellence.

    may award you if you join in…smiles.

    • Thanks Jingle. I must apologise for not taking up your kind invitations. I have limited time available for writing at the moment but hope to get involved sometime in the near future. Thank you for the encouraging words, they are much appreciated.

  4. Chasing dreams and chasing thoughts…actually sounds like me just this morning. I can see the struggle in the sheets…but my friend, when shall you have new and other delightful works for us? Don’t you know yours words are a bit of an addiction for some of us? 😛

  5. Also: I recently discovered that for some reason I did not have you and your lovely blogging activities on my blogroll. A most grievous affront, I said. So I’ve corrected that now. Hope you don’t mind a link to you my friend :P.

  6. Thank you Chris, I have missed you all at One Shot. My blogroll is woefully short, need to add some of you fab poets to mine too. I have a new piece I’ve just finished so will be posting it shortly. Thanks for the visit, always lovely to see you my friend.

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