Expensive Italian light fittings are wasted on me.
Give me tea lights in jam jars; scatter them in the grass
under a lunar-lit counterpane littered with fractal planets.

I don’t need to be carried to bed in silk lingerie.
Just lay me naked on a blanket in the dark under the Sessile Oak
and trace the contours of my breasts with fallen catkins.

I don’t want to sit on cowhide watching flat-screen plasma.
I want to lay sated and spent, with my limbs still caffled in you,
listening to Spring seduce Summer in the night-hushed garden.

And though I will relish every moment with you,
I shall not mourn the passing days or changing seasons,
for when Autumn comes we shall have acorns.



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11 responses to “Volition

  1. Excellent – glad to see a new piece, Carys. As I may have implied earlier – I’m a little greedy with such wonderful work. Thanks for spoiling me. Heh.

    Splendid bit of passion and sensuality, Carys, true to form…the incorporation of such natural elements into the carnal intricacies of the piece are most invigorating. Insatiable and witty, your word play caresses and delights both senses and simple aesthetic pleasures, taking us on a seasonal journey through romantic delights. In a word: delightful.

    • Thanks so much Chris, yes it’s good to be writing again even if it is just the odd piece here and there, nice to keep the grey matter ticking over.

  2. It really is the simple that truly satisfies.

  3. yep – give me tea lights in jam jars…and some of your beautifully crafted words and i’ll start to dance the spring rain into rainbows…beautiful julie – i love your style of writing

    • Such a poetic comment Claudia, thank you. Those tea lights in jam jars were the starting point for the piece so I’m glad they inspired you.

  4. Brendan

    This is the music and romance of home, of loving one’s own back yard, one’s own skin, the way a life plays out through the ages of a heart. In one’s own native tongue. (“Caffled” makes me think of bodies not so much meshed an poured through each other.) And to look forward to the entire story, no matter what endearments of the present will fade: that makes for a lifetime of poetry. Amen. – Brendan

  5. This is a wonderful piece. I love the word selection and how the words sound together. The passion of the piece is strong. This has a ‘real’ feeling to it.

  6. I was honestly entranced by your words. You seem to have a way of combining almost benign phrases with visceral and earthy imagery. The ending of a poem can often screw up a greater intent, at the end of your poem I felt as if I was curling up inside nature’s blanket of growth.

    I can read your poem three or four times and come away with a different sentiment/notion each time.

    Great work 😉

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