Sunrise over the Pharmacy








Nursing caffeine;

watching Belenus
fight Arianrhod
for space in the sky,

dawning –

her only blithe warrior
the little white lie
she allows to slipslide

down her throat
each morning.



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4 responses to “Sunrise over the Pharmacy

  1. Perhaps it is not a lie. Rather it is sustenance?

  2. Brendan

    “Blithe warrior” indeed, hardly a white knight, nor the sort of amulet needed to find entrance to Arionhod. Maybe enough to get through the day. And maybe that’s enough. To get through to the next poem.

  3. Oh you know…just a casual morning. Stilling to think, this scene repeated across so many homes and souls…a strange sustenance, if that is what it is…

  4. Bad Actor

    Excellent work. Don’t change little white lie. Too good.

    “Prescription Sunrise”


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