She crossed the threshold months ago,
slate-swathed, saline-bathed,
scrawled her name upon the walls
in various shades of grey.

Insipid taffeta petticoats
rustled, ruffled, scratched at skin,
wet wounds wept within
and misery had her fill.

She lingers still,
though lavender-gathered now,
and as the mist lifts
liberty reveals

that though ashen tones tarry
and parry tie-dyed tongues,
the hue of the rose seeps
and purple cadence will prevail.


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4 responses to “Saturation

  1. A most colorful offering you leave us with here today. Very sensory piece, I feel, with strong and descriptive word play executed to a smooth, crisp flow. Rolls off the tongue, this one does, and drinks up the reader in turn. Kudos.

  2. My late night interpretation may be way off but as the colors progress, I see someone progressing through life, taffeta for puberty, paling shades for aging years. Wonderful. Imagery is well drawn and the metaphors rich.


    • Thanks Beth. As always I’m happy that there’s enough ‘wiggle room’ for readers to draw their own conclusion from the piece, after all our experiences of life and the way we deal with them are all so different. What I was really aiming for was progression carried by the colours, so I’m glad that you felt that aspect of it worked. For me it’s a continuum from sorrow (grey) through freedom (blue) and with love (red) leading to strength and passion (purple).

      Thanks for all your feedback on these pieces that are going to be published, I really appreciate it.

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