Wakey Wakey


Slept in late,
woke up to find
noon at the gate;
she can wait.

Slipped down,
magic pillow,
wallowed for a while,
couldn’t even muster a smile.

banged on the door;
more mail,
didn’t we get some yesterday?

Bills to pay, special offers
that end today,
colourful catalogues,
vast array,

small white card

wedged in the letter box,
almost missed,

‘you are cordially invited
to attend the rest of your life’

Screw sleep,
temptation to weep,
showered, dried tresses,
picked from numerous dresses.

No time to snooze,
find shoes – four inch,
don’t care if they pinch.
killer heels that make me feel tall.
I’m outta here baby –
Cinders is off to the ball.

Posted for the wonderful dVerse Poet’s Pub


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16 responses to “Wakey Wakey

  1. Fabulous ~ an invitation for the rest of your life…a good excuse as any to get dressed up & party…I really enjoyed this!

  2. ha…dance the night away…ah if only more found that card in the mail and headed its call…fun write…just dont turn into a pumpkin at midnite…smiles.

  3. A toast to a new day, new poetry, new words and new wonders! Loved this! It can be so very easy to skip the ball…especially when you fall into one of those proverbial ruts that can be so difficult to climb out of! Cheers! Hope the slipper fits…and thanks for sharing with dVersePoets!

  4. I wouldn’t want to miss it too.. Have a great time at the ball ~

  5. haha – i just exchanged my working shoes for some four inch to look sexy when i start dancing on the tables of the pub…smiles..great and well-crafted poem as always julie

  6. Very inspirational. I doubt I could get away with the heels, though.

  7. Full of smiles for this one. I love the invitation to the rest of your life, and the shoes are neat, though I would break an ankle in them. Or are they glass slippers? You could never go wrong in those.

  8. Gay

    I was gonna write about red shoes. I wrote about alphabet blocks instead. You wear them JimmyChoos and you’ll be tall all night long! Dance it up for me. I’ll be in the corner playin ‘ on the upright. Glad to see you at the bar, there’s good times ahead. Thanks for comin’ by. You know we love to see you. Gay

  9. Great rhyme scheme, really kept the rhythm going, but I can’t dance a lick, so I’ll just nod and agree..haha

  10. I would break my neck! I am much better off dancing barefoot than in any shoes at all. Well written!

  11. Fun and great message. At the beginning I wanted to go take a nap…but changed my mind!

  12. Thanks folks, this started off as a serious piece after I woke up late in the doldrums and then it transformed into this and cheered me up no end.

  13. ladynyo

    Put this to music!!!!


    Lady Nyo

  14. Brendan

    Hoo hoo — what a knockout punch there at the end, the archetypal bad-hair day become a gilt-edged ticket to the ball. You set this up perfectly – patiently, just enough details to create the whole sooty chimney, then kapow! Knocked on my arse by Cinders and her four-inch blue suede shoes. You go girl.

    • Hahaha thanks Brendan, that response really made me smile.

      ‘Cinders’ was a nod to my late beloved grandmother. Much like Cinderella she seemed to be perpetually doing housework. We had a coal fire at home and she could often be found with her head in the grate. My wonderful grandfather affectionately nick-named her Cinders. I was with him when he died and one of the last things he said was ‘look after Cinders for me’. She had a fantastic spirit, a wonderful zest for life and a quick-fire sense of humour and I miss her to this day.

      She was under five foot and loved her killer heels! I think she’d approve of mine.

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