Imprisoned, confined,
unrefined surroundings,
watched over by captors
in damp, cramped,
concentrated camps.

Light and movement,
denied. Growth,
Disease, treated blind –
kept at bay.

The price they pay
for guilt-free,
neatly stacked
on the rack meat.

At least it’s cheap.


And this is how it should be done – my friend Rebecca’s gorgeous, well-cared for piggies at Brynmelyn in the Preseli Hills – Margo’s the big momma (that’s the pig not me)


Filed under Free Verse

3 responses to “Pen-itentiary

  1. Holy crap, look at the size of that pig o_o.

    As to the poem, a scathing critique, and a blisteringly raw emotion-evoking piece on a fact of life many are oh-so-willing to overlook. Ironically, I’m actually interviewing the president of the Humane Society of the United States later today, so I’ll likely be discussing just these sorts of things with him…

  2. Well…we all gotta eat. I see daily what happens to those who have no food.
    What a sinful shame, to watch Peeps go hungry, die. Children, no less. Awful.

    Some piece of hog there! She named “Big Momma”? Thanks for showing us a decent pig-house.

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