solo cappuccino,
waitress brings today’s special.

Crust breaks,
cinnamon shakes pungent
at nostrils.

Tumble into orchard,
harvest apples; sliced, stewed, spiced,
preserved in jars, air-tight.

Sit quietly on the shelf,
waiting for when two spoons
can share dessert again –




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21 responses to “Crumble

  1. Hi Carys
    The strength of description in this poem is very powerful.
    You really capture the moment and the sensuality therein.
    The key to this is you appear to do it so effortlessly.
    So a sense of ease and comfort wraps around the imagination whilst reading.
    I truly felt embraced by the piece,
    As a word collecter/hoarder i was intoxicated by your word choices..stewed, spiced and to prove your deft genius CRUMBLE resounds in my noggin chamber as a perfect an subtle finale and sweeps me off…………into a provoked reverie…………..

  2. Mm, a sweet taste, an intoxicating smell…they can carry one far. For that very reason, I myself adore the smells of bakeries…though cafes can certainly be a delight as well! Lovely sensory piece.

  3. You may find a line of Peeps at your door, with spoon in hand. Ready to spoon…and eat dessert. All those apples, doctor takes early retirement. .
    Lovely…just lovely. Thank you for dropping by

  4. Yes. That’s just how it happens! Wonderful piece.

  5. ALIVE aLwaYz

    A delightful poem, to come together again, to make peace is wonderful thought and well placed.

  6. Beautiful play… senses, emotions, language.. far, far more than a Rich Tea… 🙂

    crumble…. perfect ending.

  7. Exactly how it goes, great capture!

  8. mmm…can i have some dessert? this sounds marvelous…your descriptions are enticing…well writ…

  9. Okay…I’m toast! I’m going to bake now…and I will only need one spoon. I’ll fight to the death for apple crumble…especially this time of year! Fantastic write, and a very delightful visit to the bright side! Needed that 🙂

  10. What was the waitress wearing?

  11. Sweet and delightful !

  12. My taste buds quivered… delicious poem ~

  13. Brendan

    Delicate as the crust of a warm croissant, breaking the heart in two, or back into one. These are intimate scents and motions, sharpening the jagged contours of an unnamed but intimated separation … yet still they can be enjoyed, even savored, alone. Fine weave, Carys.

  14. expatinCAT

    Marvellously written, each word perfectly weighted. I came away with a sense of sadness at the end…’crumble’ as something insubstantial and ephemeral… // Peter.

  15. This is like a hymn to modern living: the comforts that we as a society have made possible for individuals to enjoy. And then the solitude this way of life sometimes brings, its fragility. And, of course, it’s written beautifully.

  16. This is incredible. “cinnamon shakes pungent” – I can smell it. … I really wanted to meet you for a cappuccino.

  17. All senses involved. I fell in to it – the taste, the romance, two spoons, everything right at the tip of my tongue. Masterful!

  18. Nice description (made my mouth water); nice metaphors too.

  19. Ha. You are as clever and as talented as they come; no doubt. Waiting for when two spoons can share dessert again. You toched me with this one. Excellente!!!

  20. Thanks for the great feedback folks. My apologies for not having visited you all this week, dealing with unexpected events, the sort of thing you can’t plan for.

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