Flaccid dictator
wheeled in;
world watches.

The dead stir
uneasy in their beds;
justice rests with the living.

~Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s deposed president, was recently charged with murder after ordering troops to open fire on anti-government protesters. On the 3rd of August he was wheeled into court in his hospital bed.



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12 responses to “Unrest

  1. There’s certainly a lot of that around. Good topic.

  2. short yet powerful and interesting…

    thank you for sharing it ~

  3. Julie.. you’ve packed so much into these 6 lines..clever play between his immobility and the weight of justice ‘resting’ with the world. Powerful. Concentrated. Engaged. Great stuff.

  4. Gay

    Oppression everywhere this year; can justice be found anywhere?

  5. in his hospital bed, ugh…from even there he exerts the power he can not find to get up…for one so short you pack it in…nicely done..may justice find him…

  6. what a freaking image! You paint well in word scarcity, I dare say! Powerful stuff.

  7. Flaccid dictator…could speak to many different things. A good read!

  8. You get a lot said with a few well-chosen words. Thanks for this one. Let’s hope he doesn’t get away with this pose…

  9. Nice poetic commentary on one of recent history’s more bizarre images. Succinct and evocative!

  10. Few words here summoning up the world news..with much more creativity than a reporter…nice..bkm

  11. Penned in time to capture the moment, very well done ~ Rose

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