Blonde light washes the Arno as tender
September night invites the city to bathe
in the balm of the West Wind.

The pink, white and green marble of the Campanile,
visible through your tiny open window,
sits creamily amongst the throng of umber tones.

You chill a young Vernaccia as we talk of
art and architecture; of da Vinci, porcelain
doorknobs and the breathtaking Basilica.

Later, as we cross the Ponte delle Grazie,
in the back of a battered Fiat, the tassita
quietly humming ‘Un bel di vedremo’

and the rain-slicked streets of the sleeping city
sliding beneath us, you gather up
my breath with your own.



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15 responses to “Firenze

  1. Brendan

    Now THIS is a city for lovers … thanks for the slow boat ride through the ancient heart of love. Only one kiss, yet it suffices for every one longed for. – Brendan

  2. mmm…love that just bit of intimacy there at the end as that is what the city brings out…davinci and doorknobs…ha….like that as well…thanks for taking us along those cobblestones…

  3. a beautiful tour of the city… and i love the ending line ~

    thank you for sharing this

  4. Delicious and rich with Italian chocolate, like Baci from Perugia– lovely. You might enjoy mine on Verona at — xxxj

  5. hedgewitch

    The colors bring this city to life, flow through it, and the reminiscent mood like an elixir of the spirit. Lovely sense of exploration, muted sensuality and expansion throughout. A pleasure to read it.

  6. I’ve had Florence on my mind, performing another song of Puccini’s O mio babbino caro with its Ponte Veccio and Arno. Your poem is as refreshing as that west wind and gentle like a walking pace, andante, lovely all around.

  7. Got to love this city. Great reader involvement and interest. Loved it.

  8. oh julie i love this….i so wanted to visit florence and siena when i was in tuscany but was just too busy with playing saxophone…so no chance to get there…but after reading this…i HAVE to go there….

  9. Irene

    Florence is gorgeous and I like the lead-up to the kiss.

  10. You’ve convinced me – I have to go. Beautiful poem.

  11. Oh those doorknobs…. for me they provide a unique moment in this city.. they let me in… A wonderful painting of a personal experience.. all senses engaged, relishing the city…and this particular moment…

  12. Nice! 🙂 Wonderful adventure…and the end…loved it.

  13. Hi Carys,

    you gather up my breath
    in your mouth for the first time, the only time… this is a fantastic finale.

    A flourish after the very well painted picture of a mini adventure…throng of
    Umber tones – porcelain door knobs… i love some of your word choices they are perfect and conceptually stimulating they pull in the reader and sustaining a fascination with your chosen subject – an engagement.

    Thanks Carys

  14. Florence…absolutely spot on…
    and then that kiss…

  15. Oh, how beautiful! And you re so right to use the gorgeous (exotic, musical) Italian name of this city.

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