Comfort by Henry Ascencio whose wonderful work can be seen here!=A&ID=748

He can remove garments,
pare away
each delicate raiment
with clumsy thumbs.
rip peel from pith,
reveal citrine flesh,
beneath zest.

Lay skin bare
on pelt-strewn floor,
eye-linger thighs,
mellifluous curves,
let his gaze graze
each nookcrookcranny,

but he cannot see
the woman you saw,
her naked affirmation –
yours alone,
for she leaves
when he turns
his key in the door.



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38 responses to “Nude

  1. Purely heartbreaking. Wow.

  2. Brendan

    Wonderful meditation on what nakedness reveals, and how true nakedness can’t be exposed no matter what unless the subject decides so. Inside nakedness is an intimacy not even language can quite express, though we try, we try. I dunno if that’s you in the pic, but the artist captures only the act of the subject’s disappearance. – Brendan

  3. wow deep with such emotion behind it. Wonderful piece.

  4. Yup! WOW! She (as I know her) leaves when she hears his key turning in the door? How sad a story in a few words…..
    But good! GOOD!

  5. whew…and what is more important…the physicality or just being seen…for in which lies the real person…love this…i think the one to whom it is writ is getting the better deal for sure…

  6. How perfect a last line is that for this amazing poem! As L. Cohen sings, “naked in your body and your thought.”

    Wonderful to meet your artful words via dVerse.

  7. DW

    very deep…it lead us on a trail of lust…at the end leaving us wanting more…

  8. ooh, love, love, love this, all those hidden things we all keep hidden, well done!

  9. whew – what a tight and unexpected closure…very elegantly written julie and this would make for a psychology lesson as well…

  10. Powerful and beautiful– strikes close to home for those who understand how it feels to be laid bare… xxxxj

  11. Having painted many figures i know that so much is left unsaid – you filled in some gaps Carys with this wonderful write.
    lovethe final sequence


  12. Gay

    Put me in mind of the Grand Odalisque – you know what every woman knows, you write it with precise beauty, as beautiful as Manet, or as Ingres painted their nudes; but found what they could not see — the beauty lie nude only within. Excellent as always, Carys.

  13. Gay

    should have been “lies” – sorry.

  14. The sounds are wonderful in the piece and bring an extra layer to the poem.

  15. rip peel from pith,
    reveal citrine flesh,

    an inspired metaphor and exploration, thank you.

  16. Julie… these two voices and perspectives shout it out… perfect expression of the yawning chasm between… clever, beautifully expressed poetry… bravo..:)

  17. “rip peel from prith..” rolls nicley off the tongue…bkm

  18. love the tight and powerful descriptions…your ending lines are terrific…

    a joy to read today ~

  19. expatinCAT

    Some of your lines here positively glow with power…great write. // Peter.

  20. ..i like your ending verse and tone in here.. and the boldness of some words..

  21. In addition to your study of the hidden and revealed, I was captured by the wordplay, rhymes, slant rhymes, tongue-tickling recitation. Enjoyed this, Carys!

  22. I love how your voice is always strong no matter what you’re writing. This was beautiful, and even though it was sad, the whole piece was gentle, too.

  23. Personally, I would prefer to live skyclad. And let everyone guess how much they actually see of the “real” me!

    Very evocative. Thanks for this one!

  24. Hey Carys
    Thankyou for your kind words but most of all for the comment re -spacing, do you know it hadnt even occured to me. I kept thinking why doesnt it look right, you know like the other cool poems – My uni 1.5 spacing was ingraine…wood for trees…im such a doosh….it looks so much better – im new to this and learning but how did i miss that? -thankyou

  25. Heartbreaking and beautiful !

  26. hedgewitch

    That last barrier of self you paint so well–some things can’t be possessed unless they’re given. And some will always be blind, no matter how they fill up their eyes with image. Everything poetry should be here, Carys. A pure pleasure to read and experience it.

  27. Hello!! This is my first visit I believe. You write beautifully, exceptionally beautiful. I wished I would have offered a more mature poem tonight, but none could match this. Very impressed. Your word choices, line work, imagery are masterful. I will look forward to more visits.

  28. Powerful. And for all his power she still kept something from him.

  29. Beautiful poetry. So intense in its brevity. Even when nude we still have a skin that doesn’t just reveal our essence to many. Great write.

  30. rip peel from pith,
    reveal citrine flesh,
    beneath zest.

    Yes indeed!

  31. Aida

    Julie, words are so alive and so full of emotion. They are like air that make the painting breathe.

  32. I am deeply moved…
    Hedge said it best… things can’t be possessed unless they’re given. And some will always be blind, no matter how they fill up their eyes with image.

    Amazing write Carys… I’m still in awe that you captured this.

  33. very good. the middle stanza really stands out. nice

  34. Loved its composition and the complexity to the imagery. Really well penned! ~ Rose

  35. Great write. Some wonderful rhymes throughout. Full of imagery. I love “nookcrookcranny”.

  36. Clever, moving, delightful. Loved it!

  37. Powerful. I wonder if he knows…

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