As sopping cotton clings to skin
and flashbacks dance in Autumn rain,
grown woman greets the child again.

Brown feet in puddles, splash and spin,
cold toe wriggles, girlish giggles,
slim arms outstretched to wicked grin.

It seems this one was never twain
as sopping cotton clings to skin.


Filed under Octain

6 responses to “Soaked

  1. I really want to jump into that picture … and the poem. I love this: “dance in Autumn rain, the girl meets woman once again”

  2. Bob Shoo Op

    I thought your site was down, J. I love this one. Of course with Irene bearing down on us over here, everybody’s sopping wet, even those newly returned college girls I try so hard not to ogle. haha. MB

    • Hello Multiple Personality Man. I’m guessing you’re either hiding from the missus or you’re on the lamb after committing a federal offence hahaha Thanks for the feedback, try and stay dry and for goodness sake avert your eyes – you’ll go blind.

      Hmmm do you realise that if you rearrange the letters in multiple personality #1 you get O Boob Shop….I’m sure that hadn’t escaped your notice…J

  3. Lovely octain Julie.. perfect for the theme. You capture real spontaneity here.. I like your choice of close A & b rhymes … lovely stuff. 🙂

  4. Thanks Becky, it’s surprising how a bit of the wet stuff can lift your spirits.

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