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Moonlight and Roses

Soft metronomic muscle caught
on snag-toothed grin of gristled moon,
faint wishbone whistle, picayune,

long-stemmed laments from thorns are wrought.
Wet roses wilt amid the silt
of sodden land that sorrow bought.

As footings rot on runes rough-hewn,
soft metronomic muscle caught.



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Dreading dawn’s vertigo ache of first-wake light,
sound bite quietude a hushed interlude
as carnassials gnaw at gut.

Nausea burns constricted throat,
fingernails scrape at chalk dust entrails
of a dismantled reality.

Cotton-sheathed, saline-soaked wretch,
wracked and ruined, slinks back down
into caliginous midden.

Though light climbs agile through the blinds,
the damned diurnal will not dredge up
the dregs of fragmented flesh today.


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Flickering, wax-coated wicks
lick Fired Earth Buckland Pale
as shadows tongue and groove
the boundaries of a thin-lipped

Aching myogenic organ
ripples harmonica lament;
ritenuto – too late
as torrent overflows,
extinguishing vanilla votives.

Reservoir for human darkness flees
as luminescence smothered;
the phantasm of creativity
its banished companion.


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Purring ocelot sleeps,
slipping deeper

her clawing,
cloying ache,

belly full,

Fur stirs, stretches,
she awakes.

Growling, whiskers bristling,
for the warm, wet,
creamy quake.

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Cutting the Chords

So grateful you did not delay
to rip placental tie with teeth,
and split the victim from the thief

‘fore vital stem cells seeped away.
Invoked the lien of hardened gene,
the traits I loathe with you did stay,

left fest’ring in your shallow sheath.
So grateful you did not delay.

It’s time the wraith like chords were cut,
first harvested from hips left-right,
‘neath solar plexus, pulled in tight,

deep sapphire slashed as clutched to gut.
Burnt twisted wire in violet fire
no longer feeds your glow’ring glut,

darkbound in blood and spliced in spite.
This time the wraith like chords are cut.


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~This piece is dedicated to you, for if you’re reading it you’re part of the tribe.

Words wasted,
invisibly labelled
risibly disabled.
late night study time,
creep to bed,
ideas shed.

Scooped up by the online tribe, electronic vibe coursing the veins, mainlining trains; thoughts full throttle from the full frontal lobe, traversing the globe. Busy stations, new locations, shared vocations, eloquence, elation. Enveloped by talent, consumed, exhumed, lifted by the gifted and allowed to bloom. Sisters, brothers, birthed in verse, kindred lovers blessed with the curse. Pilgrims prepared to take truth to the brink, bound not by blood but by ink.


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A day like any other

Cold tap still drips in the en-suite sink,
rust-stained enamel snarls
as I clean my teeth,
brush away the morning stink
so the kids don’t keel over
when I breathe fire on their cornflakes.

Postman knocks,
the bald one who’s always in a funk;
shit load of junk mail,
bank statements, bills,
gloating postcard
from your brother in Brazil.

An unexpected smile,
insipid pile
of pastel Hallmark tormentors,
primed to papercut sugared greetings
from people who don’t even know us
well enough to know.

‘Special day?’

not today –

today’s just a day
like any other.’

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Primary (S)urge ~ *Martian version – sexually explicit content *

I dreamt you hard, long before you came,
your Delphian frame flooding the gulch,
clutching at moist, glistering cavern,

quixotic slattern, craving percussion.
Yet here you are, no transient vagary,
flesh, bone and sex wrapped up raw,

carnality craved, raised from the floor.
Rough finger touch, deepfasthard
rip clothes, discard, feral roar.

Core muscles spasm, thrum on the tongue,
tightly wound wires unravel, undone,
cunt agonising for that firstfuckrush.

~ I’m interested in the whole Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus concept – men speaking Martian, women Venusian – and how this affects the different way the sexes write/read poetry and if indeed there is any difference at all. With this in mind, and as a Venusian, I set my self a challenge to write a poem that would appeal to both sexes but that weighed in heavily with what many would regard very male (Martian) language. Now that I’ve written it I feel that approaching it this way has allowed me to write in a very raw and honest way about sex without (I hope) tipping over into Erotica. I’d be really interested to know whether you (Martians and Venusians) feel this works.


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Cranium cradled,
thoughts of you tread viscous water,

while broken body
lies dormant, in repair.

Embryonic emotions,
suspended between synapses,

waiting to be pipetted
into petri dish
and allowed to grow

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