A day like any other

Cold tap still drips in the en-suite sink,
rust-stained enamel snarls
as I clean my teeth,
brush away the morning stink
so the kids don’t keel over
when I breathe fire on their cornflakes.

Postman knocks,
the bald one who’s always in a funk;
shit load of junk mail,
bank statements, bills,
gloating postcard
from your brother in Brazil.

An unexpected smile,
insipid pile
of pastel Hallmark tormentors,
primed to papercut sugared greetings
from people who don’t even know us
well enough to know.

‘Special day?’

not today –

today’s just a day
like any other.’

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One response to “A day like any other

  1. Plain and simple. Well captured although now I think I’ll avoid cornflakes for a few days. 😀


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