Primary (S)urge ~ *Martian version – sexually explicit content *

I dreamt you hard, long before you came,
your Delphian frame flooding the gulch,
clutching at moist, glistering cavern,

quixotic slattern, craving percussion.
Yet here you are, no transient vagary,
flesh, bone and sex wrapped up raw,

carnality craved, raised from the floor.
Rough finger touch, deepfasthard
rip clothes, discard, feral roar.

Core muscles spasm, thrum on the tongue,
tightly wound wires unravel, undone,
cunt agonising for that firstfuckrush.

~ I’m interested in the whole Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus concept – men speaking Martian, women Venusian – and how this affects the different way the sexes write/read poetry and if indeed there is any difference at all. With this in mind, and as a Venusian, I set my self a challenge to write a poem that would appeal to both sexes but that weighed in heavily with what many would regard very male (Martian) language. Now that I’ve written it I feel that approaching it this way has allowed me to write in a very raw and honest way about sex without (I hope) tipping over into Erotica. I’d be really interested to know whether you (Martians and Venusians) feel this works.



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2 responses to “Primary (S)urge ~ *Martian version – sexually explicit content *

  1. For me, this works on every level. I love the movement and aural qualities which so forcefully carry this most dynamic of encounters… 😉 I was luxuriating in the language all the way through and feel your final line is perfectly chosen to express that physicality. Bravo… wonderful poem.

    thrum on the tongue…. delish

  2. You did it — kept this poem just on the lee shore of poetry, shy of the hardcore undertow — all the way down to the last line, which is the real beginning of this hymeneal. The tension amid such lubricious language is like fire and water — plenty for Martian and Venusian alike. Great work. I don’t think you saw my “Flood Tide” recently, you might want to see what it’s like to err and how and still come out singing. Cheers, Brendan

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