~This piece is dedicated to you, for if you’re reading it you’re part of the tribe.

Words wasted,
invisibly labelled
risibly disabled.
late night study time,
creep to bed,
ideas shed.

Scooped up by the online tribe, electronic vibe coursing the veins, mainlining trains; thoughts full throttle from the full frontal lobe, traversing the globe. Busy stations, new locations, shared vocations, eloquence, elation. Enveloped by talent, consumed, exhumed, lifted by the gifted and allowed to bloom. Sisters, brothers, birthed in verse, kindred lovers blessed with the curse. Pilgrims prepared to take truth to the brink, bound not by blood but by ink.


Filed under Free Verse

5 responses to “Tribe

  1. i’m sure part of that tribe…and just love it…bound by ink..yes…

  2. Yes you are Claudia, thank you my friend.

  3. Don’t know the tribe’s secret handshake, but: Yes. 🙂

  4. Mixed blessings and inkhood of the tribe .. yes, feel it all.. 🙂

  5. Nothing brings people closer than words…loves you

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