A simple case of geometry

Columbus’s work in vain
as we circumvent the truth
and choose to fight in all four.

Romanticised scenes of Florence
and her lamp-lit ladies
turning starched cotton
in the rain-sodden Somme.

Apathy sprawls on modular furniture,
watching obscene flat-screens,
as they fold right-angled,
star-spangled flags;
God Save the Queen.

The same sad-fingered,
dog-eared telegrams,
seeking solace against
two adjacent edges
of a dusty drawer,
decade after decade.

The choice:
to remain in the dimly-lit
ninety degree spaces
we’ve backed ourselves into
or wade through the brackish gloom
and turn a kindled corner.


Filed under Free Verse

2 responses to “A simple case of geometry

  1. One day, man will learn to truly live – to grow beyond this cycle of horrific repetition…or we will destroy ourselves…may we all hope to see the great peace one day.

  2. Marty

    First off, I love this new layout, your pic, the other pics, and the ability to hear your oral interpretation. One thing I noticed is the recording doesn’t match the written poem. Fast asses is better than apathy, IMO, though it is a struggle, especially on black Friday. Cheers, M.

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