Handle With Care

This supplesoft pink tingling sheath,
slith-ribboned by a blade of light,
that buttermelts with every bite,

lays bare its joy before your teeth.
Pink pelt belies a deft disguise
that hides the sculpted ore beneath;

take care when choosing to ignite
this supplesoft pink tingling sheath.



Filed under Free Verse, Octain

2 responses to “Handle With Care

  1. Marty

    I really like this. Obviously sexual but the hidden “sculpted ore beneath” hints of something deeper– is she afraid to get hurt emotionally or is she warning her lover of her volatility? dunno. no such thing as bad sex, or so I’m told being a priest and all myself. M.

  2. Guys never get this, unless someone starts juggling balls. And then it’s just an equipment management issue, which this isn’t about at all, is it. IMO, yarbles are wired to the brain, but this pink sheath doors a womb that has a back door in the heart. Light this candle only if you don’t plan to blow it out the next morning. – B

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