A(u)nti(e) Kyoto


We grew up believing
that Auntie knew best.

The indubitable drama queen,
licensed to bill from her pebble mill,
now resides in the city.

Pity really,
that Auntie’s gone global
nothing noble about packing up
a home-grown scientist
in a neat little bundle –

gift wrap the six,
but there’s a seventh

Sad to see Auntie’s
lost all her gumption;
foregone assumption
international consumption
would ditch the last reel
on the cutting room floor –

environmental truth
sticks in Man(n)’s craw

~ The BBC, affectionately known as ‘Auntie’ in the UK, has been screening David Attenborough’s excellent series ‘The Frozen Planet’. In order to sell the programme abroad it has packaged the series as six episodes with an ‘optional’ seventh episode. The seventh episode entitled ‘On Thin Ice’ is dedicated totally to climate change, something which Attenborough feels very passionate about. Of the 30 networks across the world who have bought the series, a third of them have rejected the option of screening the seventh episode. In the US the series is being screened on The Discovery Channel, which was actually involved in making the programme along with the BBC and The Open University. Viewers in the US will not see the seventh episode.



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2 responses to “A(u)nti(e) Kyoto

  1. Again, what a brilliant poem and I love the rhyming structure. You say it all so succinctly, get your point across, and yes, I thank you for pointing out this fact of the seventh episode (which we saw the other night). I had no idea it has become such ‘political football’, for want of a better phrase. What a fine poem!

  2. Saddest is that once-vigilant media like the BBC all go the way of melting glaciers, undercut by lucrative profits, their true value eroding into the meaningless media sea. There are gathering reports of how fast the warming is accelerating, that a sea rise of 20 feet — not the 3 feet projected with alarm just ten years ago — is becoming a modest projection for the end of this century. Who else is going to motivate bickering politicos to finally let go the denial and start planning for the rising coastal holocaust? And who, I wonder, is pressuring the media to ditch the seventh, deadly reel but those corporate handlers whose petrodollars are just too obscenely seductive? The truth will set us free, but somehow we’ve first got to dislodge is from our “craw.” Fine write. B

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