unexpected gifts


sitting with the future
gifting invisible trinkets
trickling reminisces
into fire-burnished bowls

flame-licked filigree
soft-silvering the air
shape-shifting mementos
hushed shadow dance

tarnished antique chains
in youthful hands
fingering fine-links
quietly plaiting strands


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One response to “unexpected gifts

  1. Curious, the mind, in reflection and reverie…I don’t know why, but in reading this, I’ve the visual of an old woman, sitting, hands folded in her lap, in the contemplation of memory. Oh the images we do weave to coincide a poet’s lovely words.

    My friend, I wanted to send a heartfelt happy New Years, and a wish of all the best. May the days to come treat you well, and continue to keep your beautiful gift of creativity flowing – I know that would be a gift to the rest of us. 🙂

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