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Lip-synching to a life half-lived;
cold maelstrom meals, slim doldrum days,
citalopram-clad drum roll haze.

In bowls of broken glass slop-sieved,
pus-puckered mouth too sore to pour
lips’ ink into a life half-lived.

Tongue lolls in shrunken gum malaise,
lips sink into a life half-lived.


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Sly, brittle slice blinks incessantly;
would-be despot descendant of Kutubiyyin,
its faux leather sheath sticky in the palms.

Spineless, synthetic, its flickering backlit,
tick-inducing, fake flaxen pages,
a shallow, kindled substitute

for lutescent vellum, letterpressed
to breast in the smooth creamy wash
of an elegant anglepoise lamp.

Acid leaks, yet beautifully bound, it
sits serene on the solid beech shelf,
just out of reach; protected.


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The answer is not 42.
Obsessive, number-counting fools
observing dates, constricting rules,

a formulaic plan askew.
Lifespan siphoned round the hyphen,
dolorous daily déjà vu.

Full fill the gap with emprise jewels –
the answer is not 42.


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Abandoned; swaddled infant whimpers
in swaying cradle of civilisation,
parents propelled by poverty.

Dog-eared drachma dredged up once again,
left to tumble in the dust beneath the dusky
shadow of the impending troika.

Shabby-suits roam the poli, past
shuttered shops and clean-picked bins
while outside the city walls

the pungent swell of orange, olive
and lemon runs rancid beneath the
suffocating stench of creosoted hopes.

A country, peopled by thinkers
and philosophers, pitted, hollowed out
by each callous coal-tarred day.


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Cumulonimbi bark across
a darkling sky, air crackles,
crystals charge, reorient.

Heads thrown back;
open-throated and howling
we watch the sundogs dance.


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