Cumulonimbi bark across
a darkling sky, air crackles,
crystals charge, reorient.

Heads thrown back;
open-throated and howling
we watch the sundogs dance.



Filed under Free Verse

7 responses to “Parhelia

  1. howl on…and let the dogs dance…smiles…lovely pic too carys…

  2. An amazing elemental crackle is packed in these six lines. Real power, Julie. The hairs on the nape of my neck are sitting up and taking notice. That’s fine writing.

  3. Shawna

    Wow, that’s incredible. This is really quite phenomenal imagery … absolutely love the use of “bark”:

    “Cumulonimbi bark across
    a darkling sky”

  4. oh i think i would howl as well… and sometimes i do because your words are that wonderful..smiles

  5. Science is a wonderful thing … its poetry though is what really makes the universe sing, albeit here doggy-style. Loved the combined sense of “bark” as “ship” and “woof” here. These compressed pin-holes allow such fantastic lightshows … B

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