The answer is not 42.
Obsessive, number-counting fools
observing dates, constricting rules,

a formulaic plan askew.
Lifespan siphoned round the hyphen,
dolorous daily déjà vu.

Full fill the gap with emprise jewels –
the answer is not 42.


Filed under Octain, Poetry

2 responses to “Dash

  1. That was the best joke in “Hitchhiker’s Guide the Galaxy” – that Earth is/was really a supercomputer designed to come up with the Ultimate Answer to Everything and spat out the number 42 just before the planet was destroyed to make way for a hyperspace freeway. Then they had to build an even bigger planet-sized computer to figure out what the Ultimate Question was … And you’re right, a life isn’t measured out by a hyphen any more than by Prufrock’s coffee spoons. The “dolorious daily deja vu” is like characterizing a life as” born yadda yadda yadda dead,” or the movie “Groundhog Day,” an endless repetition of the same old same old same old sames. Hey Pythagoras! What’s the sum of this – B

  2. Loved this- it felt like a beautifully punchy reminder to cop myself on and see the wood for the trees.

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