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Tombstone early morning tide;
splintered shell pierces pallid skin,
sculls along labyrinthine veins –
oxygen-starved lanes.

Blood-soaked sound,
underwater aural pound,
spikey versed consumptive curse
lodged in lungs and liver-skinned skeins.

Insomnia-driven; dank,
rasp-ridden, sleep-deprived weep.
Saturation deep-strips hue.

Ululation over; nude lips hunker
beneath orbs scraped of colour –


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Chamber Music


Blithe metronomic music box,
soft strains propelled by pulse beneath,
spring-driven motor rotates teeth,

steel pin-encrypted comb unlocks.
In time the rime-encrusted chimes
scrape, grate and grind the cogent cogs;

stalled core harmonic slips its sheath,
its metronomic music boxed.


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novus lux lucis

I glimpse you in transposition,
mirrored manifestation,
fish-hooking me in the bar-room glass;

parentheses frame a lop-sided grin,
picture-light lit by flickering grey-greens.

You turn,
razor burn me with your beauty;
swift, dark-lashed flash of recognition.

Sweeping familiarity to the fringes,
we weave curios through soft fingers
until dawn,

scooping up the nascent swell
of a longed-for new beginning.


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Drowning Kittens

After days of clawing
the same wet wound,
we emerge;

encased in the fetor
of a hessian tomb,
pus-drenched and sodden,

to pass wraith-like
in cat-tailed corridors,
shrinking from contact,

slinking into tired,
tissue-thin walls
until the mewling ceases.

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laissez-faire lullaby


~ Artwork by the Syrian poet Adonis. The text is an assemblage of pre-Islamic writings which speak of peace and against oppression.

The road to Damascus is littered with arms;
dealers dodge bullet points in NY,
better suited than mooted –

Monger’s wage war on
BanKi’s floor,

Martini motherfuckers,
mouth-washed knuckledusters
packing Tommy’s hardware in MDF –

guns out, bodies in;
Reaper’s recycling.

Beneath Hom’s rubble-strewn streets
incubators blink as infants slip
down humanity’s sink.




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Dog Days


Lain beneath the filigreed dust
of a spattered mackerel sky,the
snaggle-toothed, black matted mongrel,

wet tongue lolling over spracked
slack lips, its sickly damp dog smell,
blood-bloated fetid breath,

embraces easy slumber, rattlesnake
snores and lumbers light,
beneath the adipose surface,

its conscience unencumbered.
On Canicular days I would poke
with a stick or slick-sharped blade,

bid him wake to rake my face
with rancorous claws but not today.
The dog days are long past, now

rapture fasts while winter feasts.
Let the lying canine sleep,
I choose to bury the baying beast.

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Tempus Fugit


Crepuscular nuance rides
narrow gauge; consumptive
curse of vagrant verse
leaves core scraped
and roots raked.

Quotidian drags out grey
doldrum days, till tempus
flees along the breeze.
soothe, assuage.


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