laissez-faire lullaby


~ Artwork by the Syrian poet Adonis. The text is an assemblage of pre-Islamic writings which speak of peace and against oppression.

The road to Damascus is littered with arms;
dealers dodge bullet points in NY,
better suited than mooted –

Monger’s wage war on
BanKi’s floor,

Martini motherfuckers,
mouth-washed knuckledusters
packing Tommy’s hardware in MDF –

guns out, bodies in;
Reaper’s recycling.

Beneath Hom’s rubble-strewn streets
incubators blink as infants slip
down humanity’s sink.





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12 responses to “laissez-faire lullaby

  1. Funny — or maybe it’s the same vibe — but I’ve been thinking about a rant against laissez-faire capitalism; but I never thought to inject such power from the most intensely-bleeding sources. The puns are feral and dead-on. – Brendan (ps, did you mean pro-Islamic?)

    • Thanks Brendan. This was sparked by the atrocities in Hom. After the city was bombed 18 premature babies died when the power to their incubators was cut. Such sadness and devastation occurring while Russia and China continued to veto the UN vote to take action.

  2. dang this has grit that hits…i like it…and i like your word play as well…the BanK ha…arms dealers…the reapers recycling…well done carys

  3. The ending is just perfect.

    Brings it all together so suddenly, so definitely.

    Great poetry.

  4. Well-crafted poem… so powerful and very effective.

  5. Shawna

    I can’t say I “like” it, but it’s very powerful. 🙂

    The opening is probably my favorite: “The road to Damascus is littered with arms”

    Kick-in-the-gut ending, as well, especially “incubators blink as infants slip.”

  6. Hi Julie,

    I remember this one. An incredibly strong piece that exposes the grit. Wonderful work.

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