Chamber Music


Blithe metronomic music box,
soft strains propelled by pulse beneath,
spring-driven motor rotates teeth,

steel pin-encrypted comb unlocks.
In time the rime-encrusted chimes
scrape, grate and grind the cogent cogs;

stalled core harmonic slips its sheath,
its metronomic music boxed.



Filed under Octain, Poetry

3 responses to “Chamber Music

  1. Great Octain… I just left some crit on it on the board

  2. Deft use of the form, Julie, to illustrate change.. in fact your exploitation of sound and rhythm really convey the shift that has occurred. Great surface read, even better when I start to unpeel the layers. This is one of your many strengths as a poet.. love it.

  3. Julie,

    I do hope you submit this for publication. The music box metaphor for cherished memories of beauty past and the bittersweet depth is gently, intensely moving. Of all of your amazing poetry, this is the most incredible. *cwtch*

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