novus lux lucis

I glimpse you in transposition,
mirrored manifestation,
fish-hooking me in the bar-room glass;

parentheses frame a lop-sided grin,
picture-light lit by flickering grey-greens.

You turn,
razor burn me with your beauty;
swift, dark-lashed flash of recognition.

Sweeping familiarity to the fringes,
we weave curios through soft fingers
until dawn,

scooping up the nascent swell
of a longed-for new beginning.



Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

2 responses to “novus lux lucis

  1. So soft and romantic…hopeful…beautiful poetry 🙂

  2. Something leaps out of the fleeting glance — “fish-hooking” is so apt here, something offered in a look, something greeted and taken: and then “nascent swell” of beginnings. You carved it perfectly, and the title gives it a niche among the archetypes. – B

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