Me and Billy ~ Conversations over Cutlery


Tined forks taunt me from the drawer
as I scan spaces while scrambling eggs.

I cast aside papers full of yesterday’s events,
preferring instead to float between lines
++++++++++++++++++++++of Forgetfulness.

The black dog settles in her basket,
lulled by the scent of windowsill narcissi
wafting in on Eostre’s breath.

Though we no longer speak in spoons,
let us, just for today, sheathe our knives,
untangle our tongues and sit quietly together,
++++++++++++++++++++++enjoying our eggs.


~ Eostre is the Celtic goddess of rebirth, new beginnings and fertility and is seen as Spring personified.


Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

2 responses to “Me and Billy ~ Conversations over Cutlery

  1. A beautiful exhale.. peace accomplished over scrambled eggs. This has such grace and poise, while everything is placed with deft craft to reveal the pulse of this particular moment. I truly feel that oasis of entente.

  2. I think this is one of my recent favorites of yours. Grace seems the most appropriate word for it, but it’s also got a sense of familiarity and simplicity that is very appealing. Love it!

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