the seamstresses


Isaac Israels (1865-1934) ~ Seamstresses at Atelier Paquin, Paris

~ for all the amazing women in my life, you know who you are

core spun thread
through filigree fingers

slip-stitched seams
raw edges
tucked neat

silver grey pellicule
salved and selvedged
far from the fray

gaussian smoothed
beneath seamstresses’ gaze

there will be no unraveling


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2 responses to “the seamstresses

  1. I love this poem! Beautiful, I am going to follow your blog, since I found this by accident reading sewing posts. Off to google the painter now.

  2. This is beautiful, it has a very comforting feeling to it as well. I love the way you thread your theme through your poetry so fluidly…gorgeous language in this one.

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