Your smooth, tanned brow
sits above my tawny eyes,
neat, flat bridged nose
flaring in the glass,
deep philtrum
promising vitality –
longevity a myth.

I pour achievements
into paper cups, hold
them to your full lips,
sip small droplets
of triumph, while tucking
disappointments inside
naval-neat cuffs.

I wait, knowing that I will
watch time score lines
on parchment, scorch age
spots into soft, thin skin
and etch laughter lines around
features I had thought
beyond my grasp.


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Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

One response to “Senescence

  1. What a beautiful way to remember the past and look to the future. I love the quiet dignity and love in this piece, Julie… it flows evenly yet feels like hard-won wisdom too.

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