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despite our thirst for kindling
we dwell mostly in the dark,
squatting in the ashen embers
of yesterday’s blaze,
for the spark

done with desperate days
running clamorous corridors,
flicking switches,
rocker clicks
uncontrollable licks

preferring now the balm
of a quiet twilight,
waiting for Eos
to truckle voile,
unfathomable vacuum

or simply sitting with silence,
awaiting the hushed glow
of a naked wick



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Point and click if you must,
apertured, cross-process capture,
naïve, fractured pixel weave.

Filter out chalybeous hue,
swift remove creeping gentian,
sift periwinkle powder blues.

Let alizarin bleed through shades
of melancholic monsoon madder,
choleric carmine, sliced away.

Leave only mellow ash blonde blush
lemon chiffon, naples yellow,
soft papaya, stil de grain.

Sundrench me in saffron timbre,
lutescent vignette, haloed amber,
incandescent freeze-framed hush.

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The Lady of Shallot


A curse to see the world in metaphor?
Ripe shoots that claw their way from molten womb,
unfurling from the crumbled, peaty gloom

and ushering bi-lingual semaphore.
Hard facts harangue A. fistulosum’s tang,
pale membranes peel, reveal a juicy core.

As Allium lays waste to mordant Rheum
our verse soars from the vaults; sweet metaphor.

~ My apologies to Messrs Tennyson, Waterhouse and Prater. Tennyson and Waterhouse for nicking the title of their poem/painting (albeit mis-spelt) and Prater for bastardising his Octain – I’m calling it a Dectain on account of each line having ten syllables instead of eight.

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nine lines of loveliness after a week of rain


Paddling swiftly now beyond
deluged days and swollen nights,

ebony umbrellas languish
in hushed oaken hallways,
yesterday’s dolor
puddling monochrome.

In the prism-drenched
meadows of tomorrow
parasols and petticoats twirl.

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Dissecting Frogs – L(atex)A(nd)B(ile)


Dissected Frog by Johann Rosenhof

Nausea lies just beneath
formaldehyde surface tension,
the stink of chemicals, latex and bile

violating torpid air. Amphibians
pinned to cheap chipboard;
skin surprisingly un-clammy.

Tranquilised, triple-lidded eyes
will not see the midday sun
rippling pond scum

or catch the quick swim of pollywogs
as they erupt gelatinous spawn.
Tiny tympani unable to hear

the nervous slice of the scalpel
or the greasy ooze of fluids
escaping the obsolete cloaca.

Liver, stomach and pancreas,
plump and ripe for removal,
cardiac pump a little harder to find,

but it is the minute testicles
that remain elusive, that dodge
the delicate tweezers

trembling between pink fingers
until finally located inside
the prone, olive body.

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Up on the Roof


Diurnal curtain falls as Belenus
takes a bow, casting angled
shadows on slated gambrel.

Dusk deep-toes rusty gutters;
twilight’s precipitous bluff
sloughed in pulpous moss.

Calignosity clings to the ridge,
rinsing secrets in rainwater,
awaiting incandescent resurrection.


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On Missing Morpheus


Lassitude drags her bare feet across blonde wood;
+++++++mellow-beamed in milky, branch-broken light.

Sleep-splintered, draped in cotton-stripe fatigue,
+++++++++++++stalking the sink of a cushioned chimera,

she buckles instead to the barbed ruin of her companion;
++++++++++++++quietly cursing the brackish insolence of his grasp.

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Lacquer clogs my early morning mouth.
Spitting curses and acetates, I watch
as her barely-there bottom

perches on Kohl-smudged porcelain,
spidery legs dangling from the
toothpaste-tinged rim.

Eye-liner daggers drawn,
parrying tongues and tangling elbows
we jostle for space and giggles,

jousting in a lotion-cluttered arena,
hairspray mace and mascara lances –
fighting for glass.

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