Up on the Roof


Diurnal curtain falls as Belenus
takes a bow, casting angled
shadows on slated gambrel.

Dusk deep-toes rusty gutters;
twilight’s precipitous bluff
sloughed in pulpous moss.

Calignosity clings to the ridge,
rinsing secrets in rainwater,
awaiting incandescent resurrection.



Filed under Free Verse, Prose/Poetry

5 responses to “Up on the Roof

  1. there’s much fragility and much strength in this..both at the same time..speaks to me of looking back, reflecting and then watching the sunrise..

  2. really like this much….Dusk deep-toes rusty gutters is my fav line…what an excellent descriptor….one day closes, tomorrow will be a new day…

  3. Your words intrigue me and are intrinsic to your unusual and fascinating style, I like it from beginning to end!

  4. Even in the gloaming I can feel scurrying back stories.. 🙂 Holding my breath, awaiting the next chapter..

  5. Such delectable diction sends my mind tendriling in fascinating directions, inventing stories and skyscapes but mostly wishing I could sit on my roof (guess the crow’s nest will have to suffice :)).

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