despite our thirst for kindling
we dwell mostly in the dark,
squatting in the ashen embers
of yesterday’s blaze,
for the spark

done with desperate days
running clamorous corridors,
flicking switches,
rocker clicks
uncontrollable licks

preferring now the balm
of a quiet twilight,
waiting for Eos
to truckle voile,
unfathomable vacuum

or simply sitting with silence,
awaiting the hushed glow
of a naked wick



Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

5 responses to “Illuminare

  1. Carry on truckling.. 🙂

    Lovely big sigh at the end of this one.

  2. the balm of a quiet twilight…yes..i know what you mean…and the closure made me just sigh always excellently crafted and balanced and filled with deep emotions..loved it

  3. sigh…felt like i was sitting on the front porch watching night fall…our needs do tend to change over time as well…smiles…wonderful imagery in this…

  4. Yes, this has wonderful imagery that gets more complex and subtle and quieter as it moves along – from fire to wick. k.

  5. That first line is great for grabbing attention – thirsting for kindling indeed!

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